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About A Book: book words

HEAD=  The top edge of the book.
TAIL = The bottom edge of the book. Also called foot.
BACKBONE = The edge of the book that is bound.
FORE EDGE = The edges of the pages at the front of the book (opposite the spine)
Section (Brit), Signature (Ame)= Folded sheets of paper attached to the first and last section of a book.
Kettlestitch = From the German word "ketteln", meaning to link or make a chain. Sewn at each end of the sections to hold then together.
Sewing support = Any tape, cord, or other material that supports the sewing book.
Spine = The part of the cover that protect the backbone of the book.
Join = The hinge point on the book where the cover board meets the spine.


Bookbinding Class: Chapter 1 at LIKAYBINDERY Studio

เรียนเย็บสมุดที่ ลิเกบายเดอรี่
ตัอย่างการเย็บสมุดทั้ง 6แบบ
แบบที่ 1 Multi-section binding/ Case binding
แบบที่ 2 Single sheet binding
แบบที่ 3, 4, 5 การเย็บสมุดแบบญี่ปุ่น
Yotsume Toji, Asanoha Toji, Kiko Toji

แบบที่ 6 Chain Stitch/Coptic Binding
For more information, please contact
Tel: 02 258 8775, 089 699 6509
E-mail: phantipakk@yahoo.com


The "Pencil-book"

LIKAYBINDERY would like to present . . .
our notebook + pencil box =

" The Pencil-book"

The notebook that you can jot down all your wish list, things to do, shopping list, and so on . . .
also use it as a pencil stand!
(so, for now, you won't lose any of your lovely pencils!)


LIKAYBINDERY for Helvetica

" The Collection"
The very blandess of Helvetica H monoline form adorned with ornament miniature handmade books. Miniature books are metaphor of container. The closure of the book is unreal, perhaps created by its material, its decorative cover.

The Lamp Book


LIKAYBINDERY paper work . . .

The legs

The wave


The butterfly . . .


LIKAYBINDERY since 2004 . . .

Our book no. 001 to . . . . ,now, no. 212

LIKAYBINDERY book no. 212


We make a 'Pocket' book

LIKAYBINDERY was asked by Living etc. magazine to run a workshop on eco-friendly theme. We had an idea of showing the group how to handmade a recycle paper 'pocket' book for collecting small objects and other keepsakes. The idea of the pocket (instead of notebook) came from huge amount of both-side-paper left in our studio, n of course there's no place to write.

The 'pocket' book is made by folding up to 10 or more recycle papers, various size, to a pocket, stack them together and bind them with 3-hole-binding. Then cover the spine with color tape.