likaybindery at H Project Space, BKK

An Evidence of (B) translation from likaybindery
Book on sewing/weaving frame: papers, linen thread, yarn 
size W30x L60 x H100 cm

Return to the craft of bookbinding core process, our work is poetic expression of how the process can create a new image of mundane materials. The idea derived from an appreciation of beauty in ordinary sheet-like assembly with unconventional binding. The quality of unpredictability result defies the idea that binding is to create order, on contrary, it produces a beautiful chaos. 

The book is to be looked; these insignificant book-object is evidence of translation between folded sheet-like materials to an object, order to chaos, surface to something . . .

An International Exhibition on Translation 
at H Project Space (www.hgallerybkk.com)
March 7 - May 26, 2013

works from other international artists include; 
Lynne Avadenka (US), Peter Bellars (UK/Japan), Nancy Cambell (UK), 
Maung Day (Myanmar/Thailand), Stephen Eastaught (Australia/Argentina), 
Bess Frimodig (Sweden), Jacqueline Gribbin (UK/Australia), 
Ralph Kiggell (UK/Thailand),Likaybindery (Thailand), Prabda Yoon (Thailand/US), 
Karen Helga Maurstig (Norway),Sarita Sundar (India) 

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